Rev Up The Wedding Music With Live Musicians

Looking for a unique twist...

Dash Weddings offers talented musicians who can smoothly accompany the DJs throughout the wedding reception. This adds a memorable element of live music to the wedding and wedding reception experience. Your guests will be blown away when they hear the top-notch musicality of our award-winning performers.

Sounds That Inspire and Excite

When you want to create music to inspire, delight and excite, you have plenty of options. This includes hiring a wedding ceremony soloist to bring depth and texture to your playlist. Just about any musical piece can be enhanced with live musician backing. Discover your special sound with the help of Dash Weddings’ live performers.

Keep Those Beats Going

Imagine a live drummer playing backup to all your favorite songs. Make it a reality by hiring one of our wedding musicians. Percussion is the heartbeat of tunes from all genres. Breathe new excitement into every moment with a drummer keeping the beat.

Strike The Right Chord

Picture this: The smooth notes of a guitar float in the air above DJ sounds. Dash Weddings works with guitar players whose quality and ability is second to none. Need a little improvisation in your music choice? A guitarist from Dash Weddings can change up your favorite music by adding a little audible spice.

Electricity In The Air

The electric violin is one of our clients’ most praised wedding ceremony musical instruments. If you’ve never heard an electric violinist solo, or as accompaniment to DJ-spun tunes, let us know during our consultation. You’ll be blown away by how much intensity an electric violin can add to your wedding.

Set Your Wedding Apart With Live Musicians

Solo musicians from Dash Wedding will absolutely set your wedding apart from every other this season. Planning to get married in the Los Angeles area, or any of our surrounding communities? Talk to us now! Get on our schedule and make sure you snag the hottest wedding soloists.

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