Turn Up The Music With A Live Wedding Band

It all started when...

Sometimes, a wedding needs a little extra element of “Wow!” Sound familiar? You’re going to love our award-winning, much-heralded, downright awesome bands for wedding receptions. Nothing gets people as excited as a live band. Step up the fun at your wedding in the Los Angeles area and ask us about our bands!

Talented Performers With Personality to Match

Our team of talented performers is well versed in almost any genre of music. Want a funkadelic rock group to turn your party into a retro 70s or 80s dance extravaganza? How about a little for some heart-thumping beats? Funk and Motown more your speed? We’ll plan out your perfect play list and deliver the goods. All you have to do is sit back and eat a little more wedding cake.

Wedding Music And Event Bands

The LA scene is strewn with musician and bands, but to make it as a Dash Weddings performer, it takes more than a little talent. Our singers and musicians are truly artists in their own rights, with the ability to work together to make your wedding come alive with sound. You and your guests are getting the best-of-the-best when you work with Dash Weddings. That’s our guarantee, and we have the testimonials and reviews to prove it.

Yes, We Work With DJs

Want a band for the first part of your wedding reception, and then a DJ for the after-party hours? Not to worry! Our live bands and DJs can smoothly interface, so the music doesn’t end. Forget what you imagined about awkward transitions. We have the skills to keep the fun flowing and the action jam packed.

Grab a Live Band for Your Los Angeles Wedding

Our top-notch performers’ schedules fill up fast. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or wedding planner, contact us today. We can book your entertainment and make sure you have the best live band for your wedding reception.

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