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Singing with you. Dancing with you. Entertaining you. Wowing you. That is Altitude. We are Los Angeles and Orange County's hippest and hottest wedding band! We're not just some group of old musicians going through the motions and playing the same set list from 1978, we'll make your wedding a party no one will ever forget with our energy, talent and style! The size of our band can be perfectly matched to any budget from a compact, 6-piece band to an all out 12-piece featuring horns, singers, percussion, guitar, keys, drums, and bass.

So many bands do the same cheesy versions of classic rock and disco songs. We love playing those big hits from yesterday that are party must-haves, but where we we can't be matched is our catalog of 90's, 00's and current R&B and Hip-Hop music that guarantee everyone in attendance will have the time of their lives. While most professional musicians and bands are content learning simplified versions of the songs they perform, Altitude performs the songs as you and the rest of the world knows them, note-for-note and word-for word. Our number one comment after an event is, "You guys actually sound BETTER than the recordings of these songs!" We take pride in those distinctions.

If you're looking to take your wedding reception to a level that can't be reached by the everyday "Wedding Singer" band, contact us today and tell us all about your wedding and how we can make it an event no one will ever forget!

Our Style