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Blue Coronas is a special-events band like no other, with a distinctively modern approach to the age-old legend of music. The Blue Coronas lead singers each have their own musical forté which is guaranteed to turn heads, backed by a slammin’ rhythm section with screamin’ solos.

Blue Coronas is a versatile asset to any event, from their vocally rich 7-9 piece formations all the way down to a trio or quartet. Every band member sings backups and delivers a vital piece to their huge sound. Additionally, Blue Coronas can break it down further to a solo musician: a classical or jazzy piano hour with or without vocals, or a jazzy or pop/rock instrumental guitar with tracks.

From AC/DC to Adele, the Beatles to Beyoncé, Blue Coronas cover some of the most memorable music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the new millennium. Choose from upbeat dinner music or jazzy cocktail-hour music, have an ultra-modern dance set or throwback to the classics. Blue Coronas’ set list covers a wide range of pop, soul, rock & roll, Motown, jazz and more, with booty-shakin’ favorites for every generation to enjoy.

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