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DJ Bio

DJ Anna A. is a Los Angeles-based DJ.  This fun, unique and creative ivy-league grad can give you a music and entertainment experience you will never forget.  

Anna built her craft in the New York City DJ scene.  Shortly after beginning her training at Scratch Academy’s Professional DJ Program, she was already gigging in top New York City clubs and bars.  At the same time, she built her own mobile DJ business, where she did a variety of gigs including weddings & engagement parties, corporate events, birthday parties and more.  Now she has taken that knowledge and experience to her new home of Los Angeles.   

Empathetic, good at reading crowds and a strong technical mixer, Anna creates mixes--improvised or planned--that bring listeners and dancers to new levels.  With her deep music knowledge, she cultivates custom mixes and libraries that range from Contemporary Top 40 to Deep House to 90s Hip Hop to Classic Rock and anything in between. 

As a singer/songwriter and music producer with label releases, Anna understands music from all angles and uses her knowledge of music theory and song structure to create seamless and beautiful mixes for any crowd. 

An experienced performer, Anna is also comvfortable Emceeing, and maybe even singing a song at your event.


Fun Facts

Best Song for Stargazing
Best Lazy Sunday Tune
Best Artist to Fall in Love to
Desert Island Album
Best Thing About Love
Best Part of Weddings
Favorite Thing About DJing
Favorite Last Dance Song
Influential Album Growing Up
Best Song to Dance Your Face Off to
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