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Yen has gained her reputation as a reknowned and well respected Electric Violinist. Known for her ability to play in a variety of genres, Yen has paved a way for herself in the world of entertainment. She has been highly recognized in the Electronic/Pop and Dance scene.

Yen originally came to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing a career in music. Her idea was to take her classical and oriental roots and combine them with contemporary modern genre. She felt that her love for the classics and appreciation for her Asian culture should never fade. Therefore, she set out to find ways to be able to express her influences of music from her background and create a universal connection with music from the present and be able to ultimately make it the sound of the future.

Yen also loves fashion and fitness and although are the two are completely different genres, she was able to combine them together as one to create a world where fashion unites with keeping fit and staying healthy.

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